How to Estimate T shirt yarn quantity for a crochet rug

How to Etimate T-Shirt Yarn Quantity for a Crochet Round Rug

When we wish to plan a crochet round rug we face a lot of questions –
What diameter is suitable for the room? Which colors fit the room accessories?
How to design the rug – should we start with the deep colors and end with the bright colors? Or should we do the opposite? What color will be dominate in our rug? And more and more…

And then, when we visit the yarn shop, we face more challenges since not all the colors are in stock, and we have to plan how much yarn to buy of each color for our rug.

You can buy T-Shirt yarn in a lot of colors and shapes. I prefer the type which comes in a round flat shape and looks like a disk.
Usually this type of pack guarantees that the all disks of yarn will be the same width since they were cut from a big fabric roll.
Regarding the fabric itself – when I crochet a rug I always search for a fabric that contains cotton and an additional material – a combination which makes it more resistant.

I also like the fabrics that contain viscose and lycra.

I verify with the shop that the yarn colors I choose are all from the same type and also that they are in the same thickness. Then I buy one disk in order to try it and make my calculations.

As I do not know the length of yarn in each disk I refer to its weight. Even though the weight will vary from one disk of color to another, I can refer to it as an anchor as long as it is the same kind of fabric in the same width. Let's see how :

I will relate to 3 variables and make the calculation for an approx. 120 cm diameter crochet rug that contains my type of T-shirt yarn (17 rounds).

  1. The weight of 12 double crochet (dc) stitches – In each round there are additional 12 dc. So if I crochet 12 dc as the 1st round and weigh it, I will know what the additional yarn weight per round. I will also crochet the 2nd round that contains 24 dc and weigh it, just to make sure additional 12 dc weigh the same as the 12 dc which were crocheted in the first round.
  2. Colors division – I will decide about the rug colors division.
    Now I will put all the info in a 4 column table as follows:
  3. Yarn weight estimation per color – In an additional table I will gather the yarn weight per each color.Now I have to check what the weight of my disk is. Assuming that all the disks are approx. the same weight, I can make the yarn weight estimation per color (as written above, the roles from which the disks are cut might vary in weight, but a more accurate calculation should be made at the store later on).
    My disk, for example, weighs 500 g. So assuming that other disks weigh approx. the same, I need to buy the following yarn, although I will not use it all:
    Deep Grey color – 4 disks.
    Silver Gray & Cream colors – 2 disks
    Light Pink color – 2 disks.
    Marshmallow color – 5 disks.With these tables & data you can visit the store again, check the yarn stock and make all necessary changes if needed.

    Hope you will find this info useful and wishing you happy crocheting 🙂

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