A Crochet Flower Deco

A crochet flower deco – A perfect way to use T-shirt yarn leftovers
You can hang one romantic flower on your wall,
create a flower bunting or join them to a runner or a rug etc.

Materials: T-shirt yarn, A suitable crochet hook, A tapestry needle, Decorative cords.
Create an magic ring.
Rnd 1:
ch 2 (DOES NOT count as a st), 19 dc to the magic ring, sl st to the 1st dc (19 dc)
Rnd 2: [ (hdc, dc, extended dc) to next st, ch 1, (extended dc, dc, hdc) to next st, sl st to next st ] * 6 times, the last sl st will be created with a needle –
cut the yarn leaving 15 cm extra tail and pull it from the st,
insert the needle to the 1st hdc in the current rnd and back to the bl of the last hdc in the current rnd (6 petals)
Finishing rnd: sl st around 1st rnd, the last loop will be made using a needle.
If you wish to hang one flower I will recommend to add the string or cord where you created the last loop on the 2nd Rnd –  the same tip will suit a flower bunting.
If you wish to connect flowers to a rug/runner you will crochet 1 "full" flower and then join all the others at the 2nd Rnd by crocheting sl st instead on ch 1 to the "full" flower.